Oh no, evil robots have kidnapped Santa and his helpers! The dastardly devils are trying to destroy Christmas and have disguised themselves as everyone's favourite festive characters. You are Earth's last chance to save Christmas. You must destroy all the evil robots before they deliver their evil presents to the children around the world...

Merry Christmas!

from all of us here at Holograph

How to Play:
If you’re playing on desktop / laptop, move your spaceship using the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, and press Spacebar to shoot. 
If you’re playing on mobile phone / tablet, don’t panic you can still save Christmas, simply tap on the < and > arrow icons to move, and then your ^ icon to fire your missiles.


1st Prize

Anki Cozmo

2nd Prize

Codey Rocky

3rd Prize

Sphero Mini


Shoot down the evil festive raiders before they reach earth.  Reindeers are worth 10 points, elves are 20 points, snowmen are 30 points and a direct hit on evil robot Santa bags you 300 points!

Remember the more of the evil festive raiders you shoot, the faster the remaining raiders move. Watch out! They’re quick.
To enter and qualify, you must be either a Holograph client or a UK resident over 18 years of age.


 23:59pm - 5th January 2019